BTS (Bangtan Boys) Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Bangtan Boys, prevalently known as BTS, is one of South Korea’s greatest K-pop kid groups. Originating from Korea, you would imagine that they are for the most part plastic. Are BTS Members addicted to plastic surgery?

Plastic Surgery in South Korea

Korean bands in South Korea are accounted for to overdose in plastic surgery. As the groups keep on invading the whole world, numerous inquiries that are awkward to answer begin to surface – “What amount of plastic surgery is simply excessively?”

Koreans need to look like Americans?

Plastic surgery is essentially exceptionally normal in South Korea simply like how it is in America and different parts of the world. However, Koreans’ countenances, particularly acclaimed Korean VIPs’ plastic surgery dependence are simply crazy.

Some administration of these Korean gatherings require the individuals to get surgery, as per insiders. The training is extremely across the board among both female and male Korean pop gatherings. This kind puts weight to youthful fans to think about muddled and costly surgeries.

We should investigate the individuals from BTS and perceive how much plastic surgery have they done to accomplish their looks today.

BTS (Bangtan Boys) Jin Plastic Surgery Rumors and News

BTS Jin is the main known part that looks plastic surgery free. You should simply to take a gander at his jaw, button, eyes and nose and you’ll see that regardless they appear to be identical.

BTS Jin before and after pictures demonstrate that his nose may look more characterized now and that is more probable in view of his molding around the nose or just with the utilization of Adobe Photoshop.

Jin likewise is said to have done some sort of skin brightening procedure because in past photographs of him, he look a considerable measure darker.

J-Hope Then and Now

J-Hope is suspected to have a jaw reshaping surgery done. It is normally done to influence the face to look more slender. However, his confront didn’t look skinnier by any stretch of the imagination, even after losing a huge amount of weight, since his face had dependably look greater as a result of the bone structure of his bone.

There’s likewise a few doubts that he had some work done on his nose because before, his nose was lopsidedly little for his face. Be that as it may, despite everything we don’t know whether he completed a legitimate nose work or whether he just motivated fillers to change the tip of his nose.

On the off chance that we recollect correctly, J-expectation’s pre-make a big appearance pictures showed that he had a level tipped nose and his photos now demonstrate that he has a more pointed-tip nose.

Beside the presumed plastic surgery technique J-trust has done, some additionally feel that he had a double eyelid surgery because he now has profound eyelid wrinkles, which numerous accept are not normal by any means.


Namjoon, notwithstanding looking like a naturally great looking individual, has two noticeable changes in his look at those are his jawline and his eyes. Perhaps he had a comparative methodology like Yoongi and J-trust when it went to the jaw reshaping surgery. In any case, beside that, Namjoon’s eyes look somewhat larger than regular. He may had a twofold eyelid surgery to open up his eyes more.

Some say he had something done all over – particularly the nose part. Rap Monster’s plastic specialist completed an extraordinary activity since you know there’s a methodology done to Rap Monster, however it simply isn’t observable.

Rap Monster’s nose changed the width of the extension of his customer’s nose and also the slop edge form.

There likewise could be some minor eyelid alterations yet at the same time uncertain if these could be due to points or cosmetics. We’ve seen Rap Monster could have utilized a great deal of facial creams and cautious use of cosmetics that upgraded his general look.

Jimin Before and After

Taking a gander at Jimin before and after pictures, you wouldn’t see anything suspicious at first look. Yet, in the event that you analyze his photos pre-make a big appearance, you’ll see that his cheeks before were without a doubt chubbier contrasted with his cheeks now.

Perhaps he went under the knife for that, possibly he just began to eat solid and practiced a considerable measure to remove the softness on his cheeks – we’re not by any stretch of the imagination beyond any doubt.

Jimin has likewise had a button decrease as per reports and their fans. Some of them saw that his button is slightly more pointed now contrasted with Jimin’s pre-make a big appearance pictures.

Jimin’s nose now look straighter, taller and more petite contrasted with his pre-make a big appearance photographs. In this way, we trust that he may have modified his nose to look how it is currently. It isn’t so much that conspicuous not at all like another individual from BTS.

He has additionally suspected to have had done some work on his eyes, skirting a twofold eyelid surgery and selected a corner cutting surgery on the grounds that his eyes look all the more wide now, particularly the side of his eyes.

Albeit difficult to tell, we trust he had a non-surgical procedure to get that look. Or on the other hand possibly Jimin is simply honored with a Western look, an exceptionally basic origination that BTS appears to go for.

BTS Taehyung (V) Plastic Surgery Before and After

Taehyung’s nose has dependably been discussed despite the fact that he looks really natural. He’s one of the main folks in BTS that has a totally regular look. There has been changes in look since now he looks more develop.

When he first observed him, we however he had a nose work. In some cases when you see more pictures of them, it would turn out to be extremely difficult to tell. V’s nose some of the time looks greater, different circumstances, not really, perhaps that is only because of the overwhelming lighting and cosmetics.

V’s face look untouched so we feel that he has a characteristic wonder. He’s as yet youthful to try and go under the blade.

One specialist stated, “I don’t think BTS V had any techniques. To be perfectly honest, I don’t think he needs it.”


Jungkook has known to have altered his jawline and his nose. His weight pick up and develop confront are normally looking, without a doubt.

It’s hard to judge taking a gander at Jungkook’s before and after pictures and the edge of his nose. Be that as it may, if numerous says he had a plastic surgery method done, at that point it’s not by any stretch of the imagination discernible.

Suga Pre-introduction and Now

Delving into Suga’s before and after pictures, it looks like he didn’t have any plastic surgery by any stretch of the imagination. Some say he had corner-cutting surgery for his eyelids that made a more bulbous, extended look. His after pictures demonstrates that there’s some sort of broader eye presentation.

In any case, his nose raised a considerable measure of doubts because of limited time pictures that had more channel and too much Photoshop, so those can’t generally be trusted. Likewise, we’ve seen a considerable measure of fansites additionally Photoshop their inclination.

We have additionally considered that there’s a slight point emphasis which we think is due to his weight reduction and diet change.

On the off chance that you take a gander at Suga’s photo pre-make a big appearance, you could think about now that there are no indications of eyelid surgery. His nose still looks wide particularly when he grins, a reasonable sign that he turned out poorly the time.

BTS on the Billboard Music Awards

At the point when BTS sprinkled the Billboard Music Awards, numerous has limit responses to these Korean symbols.

“The plastic surgery industry in Korea must be lit. Those BTS kids could barely move their faces during their discourse.”

One commented, “BTS = 7 proofs that plastic surgery doesn’t generally chip away at a few appearances.”

Someone else jested, “I’m against youngsters having plastic surgery”.

The inquiry everyone is asking now is whether Korean whizzes like Big Bang, BTS, EXO and more traverse into America given they have had overdosed on plastic surgery, or will their smooth compositions basically off the American culture?

Aficionados of the Korean band guaranteed that all individuals from BTS were corrective surgery-free. But it just appears to be hard to accept. Beside that, there’s essentially no debating that they utilize a huge amount of cosmetics to their appearances to improve their effectively upgraded looks.

The good thing is, individuals from BTS are filling in as motivation for a ton of cosmetics instructional exercises and tips, that is, for ladies, and not for men.

BTS Introduced Surgery-Friendly Cosmetics to Protect Against Harmful UV Rays

BTS presented a sun protectant called “BTS x VT Essence Sun Pact” that objectives toward household and worldwide clients in their mid 20s. It will be offered in seven shades; blue, yellow, dark, white, pink, green and purple.

We’re all simply asking why BTS Members are not admitting to plastic surgery when clearly they’ve gone under the blade.

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