CNBlue Kang Min Hyuk Before and After Plastic Surgery

Yonghwa has been on our rundown for quite a while, and I have been putting him off basically in light of the fact that I didn’t realize that much about CNBLUE (I get a kick out of the chance to in any event have some thought of what I’m discussing, trust it or not). In any case, now that I’ve viewed a couple of recordings and read a couple of online journals, we’re prepared to begin!

Obviously, we take a gander at the nose and eyes first. You can see that in¬†Yonghwa’s pre-make a big appearance pics, his nose looks marginally changed. I don’t know whether it appears to be sufficiently unique to be sure of a nose work, however it is exceptionally likely¬†that he had his nose connect shaved a smidgen and some work done on the tip since it was beforehand rounder and compliment. In his current pics, his nose looks a considerable measure straighter and somewhat smaller, in spite of the fact that he was vigorously made up in many pics I could discover. Concerning his eyes, they appear to be identical and I don’t trust he has had any surgery around there.

He doesn’t look excessively unnatural, so any plastic surgery he may have had turned out extremely well. He should give his specialist’s number to SM Entertainment.

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