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7 Pictures of Different Types of Lasik Eye Surgery September 2019

Types of Lasik Eye Surgery – There are a number of ways to save cash upon laser eye surgery. The surgery provides you with substantial peace of mind. You could also factor in the charge savings associated with no longer needing glasses or contact lenses and annual eye doctor appointments: upon average, it costs $2,500-$5,000 to have the surgery, and for me, LASIK eye surgery cost was worth it.


Do you wear glasses or contacts? whether so, you might dream about getting laser eye surgery. I was born with astigmatism, and I wore glasses for years.

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The three most common types of laser eye surgery are LASIK, PRK, and LASEK. Many people utilize the term ?LASIK? to describe the general procedure. There are several different kinds of laser eye surgery.

This reshaping process allows you to see without glasses. Then, the doctor reshapes underneath you are cornea with a laser. Once the cornea has been reshaped properly by the laser, the surgeon sets the flap back down gently, where it heals into place: The flap, still connected to you are cornea by a thin section of tissue, is lifted gently off. LASIK surgery is the most common and popular form of laser eye surgery available today.

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The surgeon removes a very thin layer of corneal tissue, the epithelium, either using a laser, or by manually scraping it away using a thin knife and an alcohol solution. This removed tissue is much thinner than the flap cut with LASIK, as it does not include any part of the stroma.

Moreover, unlike alternative techniques, this thin piece of tissue is never replaced because epithelium could regenerate itself, thereby eliminating any risk of flap displacement. An excimer laser then reshapes the corneal surface, and when finished, the patient has a ?bandage contact? put over the eye, which protects the eye as the epithelium regenerates itself, usually taking 3-4 days:

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A laser then reshapes the surface of the cornea, and the surgeon sets the epithelium back into place. Then, as with the PRK procedure, the patient has a ?bandage contact lens? set into place until the epithelium has reattached to the eye. With LASEK, the epithelium tissue is weakened with an alcohol solution, a procedure similar to PRK. The flap?s thickness is about 50 microns thick (LASIK is 100-180 microns thick).

In LASEK, as in PRK, the surgeon removes the epithelium layer only: In LASIK, the epithelium and a portion of the stroma layer are cut and lifted. It sounds a bit confusing, but the biggest difference between LASIK and LASEK is the thickness of the tissue that?s cut. Think of LASEK (laser epithelial keratomileusis) as the love-child of LASIK and PRK. This technique combines the benefits of both procedures, while lowering the risks of each.

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