EXO Members Plastic Surgery Before and After – Pre-make a big appearance Vs Now

Situated in Seoul, South Korea, Exo is a South Korean-Chinese kid amass that has won the hearts of numerous with their one of a kind style and stunning melodic ability. Not long after they surprised the music scene, the kid assemble are as of now a subject of a few EXO Members plastic surgery gossipy tidbits.

Sources have it that most if not all the individuals from the Exo have modified their looks in a single manner or the other. In the big name world, great looks are somewhat urgent and you will regularly here of big names who have gone under the plastic specialist’s blade to upgrade their looks. Exo’s case is along these lines not under any condition one of a kind.

Albeit some of Exo’s fans remain persuaded that the artists’ looks are characteristic, their when photographs tell a completely extraordinary story. Here is a glance at the Exo individuals’ plastic surgery methodology.

EXO Member Kai Before and After Plastic Surgery

Prominently known as EXO’s fundamental artist, Kai was accounted for to have a twofold eyelid surgery. Take a gander at EXO Kai when pictures where you can see some conspicuous wrinkles each time he shuts his eyes. Numerous individuals with twofold eyelid surgery realizes that there are fastens along the upper eyelids that outcome in an extremely clear and changeless wrinkle line.

EXO Kai nose job rumors has likewise developed. On the off chance that you take a gander at his once in a while pictures, back in EXO’s introduction days, he had a level and wide-tip nose. Notice his nose now, you’ll see that his nose is not so much round but rather more pointed.


All the more ordinarily known as his genuine name, Kyungsoo, this Korean icon is a major good example with regards to regular excellence. Taking a gander at EXO Kyungsoo when pictures, he has dependably looked so “untouched” and “unfiltered”. In any case, for what reason don’t we investigate what his appearance earlier EXO’s presentation.

Numerous K-pop fans trust that Kyungsoo had a twofold eyelid surgery. While there is no evident scar lineon his cover like Kai, his wide eyes now looks extremely wide that it would appear that it simply grew normally.

In any case, specialists said that Kyungsoo’s plastic surgery strategy was corner cutting surgery and not twofold eyelid surgery.

Kyungsoo has allegedly have a nose work. In Kyunsoo when pictures, you will see that his nose amid his initial days was substantial and has a round tip. At this moment, it looks littler. The change isn’t radical however you’d simply see that there’s a little adjustment to his nose.

SUHO’s Plastic Surgery

As far back as the EXO return, K-pop fans have been seeing something else about SUHO’s nose. The hypothesis began when there was a spilled move hone video of the band and SUHO was seen wearing a face cover.

He was the main individual wearing a face veil and he was inside – so it’s peculiar to imagine that somebody would wear a face cover inside unless you’re concealing something.

In light of that video, a considerable measure would believe that he SUHO had a plastic surgery system. They additionally gave careful consideration to watch out for his face on their return and lo and observe, his nose changed.

There have been so numerous changes to him as far back as the rebound, similar to his hair, his cosmetics, however most particularly his nose.

There are likewise reports that he had a twofold eyelid surgery. While he generally had twofold eyelids, he had lines that look quite profound and idealize in some photographs which influenced it to look clear that he went under the blade.


EXO part Chanyeol has one of the most natural-looking plastic surgeries in the band. He has the less botched confront, with no noticeable scars, that he’s viewed as a characteristic delight. Be that as it may, pre-make a big appearance photographs of this k-pop icon rose and had put a conclusion to everybody’s dream.

His nose looks totally lovely and we need to say thanks to for Chanyeol’s plastic surgeons for that. His nose looks littler regardless suits his face.

There has likewise been evident twofold eyelid surgery strategy done on him particularly when you take a gander at shut everything down of Chanyeol.


He isn’t a piece of EXO any longer yet he turned out to be a piece of the band. A great deal of K-pop fans shielded their venerated image saying he didn’t experienced a plastic surgery methodology.

Luhan, one of the cutest members of EXO, had experienced a rhinoplasty since there have been evident changes in the state of his nose.

You would likewise see that there’s some slight change in his jaw and jaw influencing us to figure he may have had his jaw reshaped and a button embed.

Photographs of Luhan in the past indicated he as of now has twofold eyelids so it’s difficult to bring up whether he accomplished brief comment eyes or none.


EXO Baekhyun has apparently had a twofold eyelid surgery. Before, he had some undeniable nose occupations and button that appears to be unique amid his more youthful years. He and Luhan look to a great degree alike from the nose to the jaw directly after the presentation.

Devotees of this k-pop symbol rush to expel the plastic surgery gossipy tidbits saying that these are the energy of cosmetics and photoshop.


This EXO part is purportedly the just a single without twofold eyelids. His presentation pictures demonstrate that Xiumin when pictures, regardless he has similar eyes.

A ton of k-pop fan said that he had accomplished remark and jaw, however it’s marginally hard to state the distinction. Perhaps rather than plastic surgery, he had simply get more fit.

Xiumin’s nostrils demonstrate a slight “corner” contrasted with his nose before which doesn’t have. We’re brisk to trust that he truly did comment nose.


The maknae of EXO absolutely went under the blade to get a few upgrades. Sehun’s eyes now are more extensive contrasted with his more established photographs.

We trust he had a twofold eyelid surgery to accomplish this. With regards to his nose, we don’t think he at any point had them done.


There aren’t a considerable measure of old photographs of Kris and those that exist are not by any means sufficiently excellent to be exact on the off chance that he had done some surgical methods.

One thing we’ve see, be that as it may, is that his jaw looks somewhat changed contrasted with previously. So now, everyone trusts that he did had some jaw reshaping done or some place around that zone. It’s likewise difficult to tell nowadays since he wears so much cosmetics.

Numerous fans trusts that Kris additionally had his teeth settled, much the same as some other symbols.


Lay looks basically an indistinguishable now from he did previously yet it’s hard not to trust he didn’t have his nose done. He had it limited a tad and after that had the knock on the extension of his nose shaved off.

The impact of his nose work is exceptionally unobtrusive. His dimple hasn’t been looking phony, simply more articulated. Lay had those dimples as of now since he was pretty much nothing.


Chen’s jaw used to be rounder and more extensive and nowadays, you’d certainly observe he has a littler jaw now. We think he had some jaw reshaping done.

EXO Tao’s Plastic Surgery

There are no reports that he had a plastic surgery because he still looks the same until this day.

Notwithstanding a large portion of the EXO individuals had plastic surgery methodology, you can even now observe their noticeable highlights. For the K-pop industry, few noses and eye upgrades would enable them to endure in the preparation framework. The specialists truly completed an incredible activity with the vast majority of their surgical upgrades with only a couple of bungled ones all over.

Other k-pop fans rushed to state that these boys wouldn’t look how they were in their youngsters now that they’re all older. Makeup and lighting can do miracles to the look, that develops into the highlights of a man. While the Korean icon doesn’t precisely appear to be identical, that didn’t imply that they got plastic surgery.

Regardless of whether the EXO folks had plastic surgery or not, we can’t deny that this band has an enormous after. Their tunes are over the graphs, their collections are top rated, their shows are constantly sold out – whether they’re all hot or not, the k-pop fans will remain faithful to them. We’re certain that their fans will stay—bungled face or not.

We won’t be amaze if the individuals will keep getting improvements later on. Beside their ability, the fans are excited about their catchy songs and fun move steps.

A portion of the individuals posted on this article are as of now off with their own undertakings, however we can’t simply desert them, since most individuals from EXO have experienced plastic surgery methods to look stunning.

We’re eager to see a greater amount of EXO later on, nearby other Korean icons like BTS, SNSD and more. What do you think about these ridiculous EXO plastic surgery bits of gossip?